Translating currency figures

Currency figures can come up in a wide variety of contexts and the difficulty they represent for the translator is often underestimated. Typically, 4 options will come to mind: keeping the original figure, converting it, providing both figures (in either order). In reality, there are many more possibilities and the factors to take into account are numerous.


The workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of currency figures as a translation problem and will outline a total of 29 options and 27 categories of relevant factors which can guide the translator towards appropriate solutions in many different contexts (business communication, fiction, news, travel information, advertising, feature films, etc.). Being generic, the framework can easily be adapted and applied to other translation problems.

Workshop features

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Results out of 72 participants so far:          






  43%      47%     10%  


- Really exhaustive look at the subject. Thought provoking. Makes you think about how to deal with other multifaceted problems. Good practical examples, real-life examples. Engaging and humorous talk!
- Beautifully structured. Hugely practical/concrete examples. A true exercise in applied translation studies: theory + concrete examples. Highly detailed handouts/notes.

- Extremely thorough, thought-provoking workshop with lots of ideas for translation problem solving. Great slides and handouts.

- The topic is inspiring.
- Opened many ways of dealing with such an unexpectedly complex issue.
- Exercise at the beginning makes us take full measure of problem. (...) Works very well regardless of language pair.
- Thorough. Extensive.
- I was not sure what this presentation would cover and was surprised and impressed by the breadth of the topic.
- (...) v. broad application to many translators’ practice.
- Your presentation not only clarifies procedures, but also provides me with guidance to offer to our interns.
- (...) the handout will make a very handy reference tool.