Translating culture

Culture-bound dimensions are amongst the most frequent and complex problems translators are likely to encounter. They can be very difficult to detect at times and can come up in the most unexpected contexts. Without a suitable framework, finding satisfactory solutions will prove very difficult.


The aim of this one-day workshop is to examine systematically the options available to the translator and the factors to consider in order to translate culturally problematic elements successfully. The presentation will outline a total of 16 options and 24 relevant factors which can guide the translator towards appropriate solutions. Being generic, the framework can easily be adapted and applied to other translation problems.

Workshop features

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  Results out of 258 participants so far:      






    36%    52% 12%


- Great delivery. Relevant content. Fascinating topic. Good atmosphere. Thought provoking. Practical advice easy to apply straightaway. Great working framework.
- Brilliant, clear presentation – ideas well-explained. Great examples, spot-on tasks.
- (...) a highly productive day. Subject and content were most informative, instructive and useful in a highly practical way. Group atmosphere was reassuring and encouraging.
- Excellent combination of (...) theory and practice which should be of direct use in my everyday work as a freelance translator.

- Comprehensive. Excellent, systematic framework which will be invaluable in working with texts in the future. Thought provoking. Actually applicable to real life work.

- The best applied translation course I have ever attended – well done! Brilliant notes, too.
- I found the “tools” you provided to translate cultural references very useful for the exam to become MITI, when it came to writing the commentary to support my translation.
- Glad to have a framework against which to test my intuitive decisions.
- Put a formal structure on some very practical problems - very useful. Examples great fun - with great speaker.
- (...) clearly structured, logically built up and presented in an entertaining way.
- Very inspiring lecturer (...).
- Logical presentation. Elucidation of what are often automatic or subconscious processes. Framework will be useful for a range of translations, not just cultural. Generally stimulating and thought-provoking.

- Well presented with lots of examples. Excellent handouts for future reference. I really liked that the end exercise integrated all the tools taught, while also being a ‘real world’ example.
- Made me think of things in a new way.
- (...) super-relevant in relation to interpretation.
- Good visual material as examples. Learned a lot.

- (...) handouts very comprehensive.