Translating business films

Rapid technological change and globalisation put pressure on businesses to increase their use of film aimed at foreign viewers to advertise, communicate information or train staff.


Business films - the most frequent form of audiovisual translation professional translators are likely to encounter - represent a combination of translation and project management problems which requires specific strategies.


The aim of this one-day workshop is to show how to optimise quality and cost when translating such material. The following will be addressed, using authentic examples:

  • audiovisual aspects (e.g. synchronisation, intonation, pronunciation of names, meaningful accents, text to appear on screen);  
  • problems affected by the audiovisual context (e.g. cultural references, wordplay);
  • meeting the requirements of the client, the viewers, and the audiovisual team (film director, recording artist, sound engineer, video editor, graphic designer);  
  • optimising the work flow and providing a quote.  


  The ground will be covered in four stages:

  • characteristics of business film material projects;
  • assessment and preparation of the project (for quote, project management and translation);  
  • providing a quote;
  • translation problems and strategies. 


NB: Although very brief references will occasionally be made to subtitling, this is NOT a subtitling workshop.


To read an article on the translation of business film material which I published in the ITI Bulletin (May-June 2015), click here.

Workshop features

For general workshop features, click here. For the list of clients I have had the opportunity of working for, see below.


Results out of the last 455 participants:






   43%      46%       11%    
  • Professional translators


- “Exceptionally enlightening, engaging and entertaining” Institute of Translation & Interpreting Bulletin (Jan-Feb 2012).
- A masterclass packed with information and food for thought.

- A very thorough and fascinating overview of a challenging area of translation.
- Very comprehensive. Full of great information, knowledge, experience and ideas. Perfect for a day’s workshop.
- (...) interesting from start to finish.
- Well prepared, excellent time keeping, friendly atmosphere (...). I am impressed.
- Plenty of good, practical advice to take away.
- Very inspiring.

- Lots of extra materials.
- (...) truly excellent: sensitive to all the related problems and very clear on the strategies for solutions.

- It has opened my eyes to a new field and I feel quite prepared thanks to all the tips.
- Certainly useful for work and for CV.


  • Language consultant

- Well presented, clear, comprehensive, practical, interesting, good mix of media (...). Excellent mix of languages referenced as examples.


  • Postgraduate students


- (...) inspiring workshop (...) extremely useful from a professional point of view. The delivery was absolutely outstanding.
- Highly informative speaker, well informed & engaging. Well-structured format. Practical and useful information that can be genuinely useful for our studies and future work.
- Amazing presentation.
- Very informative and accessible to those with little/no professional translation experience.
- Very logical. Inspirational.
- Great insight into a market I knew little about beforehand.
- Perfect timing (mixture of lecture and practical exercise).
- I very much liked the hands-on, practical approach.


  • Undergraduate students

- Very good presentation of the materials (in terms of delivery, humour, conveying main points etc.); very accessible (...) very engaging and entertaining overall.
- [Spanish Erasmus student] An interactive presentation; clear explanations; good examples; really useful for students: it covers a lot of aspects that are interesting for them; (...) the speaker is an outstanding communicator.


I have had the opportunity of working on film material for: