French voice-overs

For more than 25 years and in parallel with my academic career, I have recorded and translated scripts for a wide range of companies (see below). Most of the content consisted of advertising products/services, demonstrating how to use equipment, training staff, etc.

I have also worked for the BBC (documentary), National Geographic, Granada TV (comedy-drama series), CERN (50th anniversary celebration), the Leprosy Mission, as well as an educational publisher.

Supervising recording

I have supervised a series of recordings for a very large multinational company who wanted to ensure that the 12 French voice-over artists involved in a project would deliver recordings which closely matched the English originals.

Quality benefits

You will benefit from my combined skills as a recording artist and an audiovisual translation specialist. As an academic, I have taught advanced audiovisual translation for many years, published articles in this field and run many CPD workshops on this topic for professional organisations in various countries. I am particularly interested in business film material as a specific set of problems to address.

Using this experience, I can check the material very thoroughly to clear any potential problems before the recording, e.g. synchronisation, pronunciation of any word which may be pronounced in more than one way, and any common translation difficulties such as wordplay, culture and subtitling/revoicing options.


See below for some of the clients I have had the opportunity of working for. See my profile for the rest of my all-round experience (academic, CPD trainer)

I have had the opportunity of working for: